Friday, July 10, 2009

WOW Im slow...............................

So sorry I am not very good at this Blog stuff yet, but I would like to thank Lindsey for fixing it up a bit, I figured I would post something just for her :) Your awesome Lindsey, maybe you should start a career in blogging? You will have to teach me more when you come up for the wedding!
So now that I have thanked her, time to update on the wedding stuff! If you have not received an invite to the wedding, no need to panic since we have not sent them out! We will be getting them out next week, so watch for one! If I dont have you address and you would like an invite, email me at We have changed our wedding date to August 8th. I was a little sad, since this is the day I have always wanted to get married, but I had to make some sacrifices. I know it sounds like a weird day to want to get married, the reason why I wanted the 5th is because my Dads parents were married August 3rd, my parents were married August 4th, and I thought I would keep the tradition going. Well Wednesday is a hard day for people to get off work, so luckily when I called the temple last week, they still had a room avaiable for the 8th! Pretty lucky eh? So we will be married 8/8/09 at 8:20am. We are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple, and I could not be happier! Im so lucky I get to spend eternity with the most amazing man! We will be going through the temple July 31st! Happy Birthday to me huh? I sure feel blessed!
Well this post is going to be even longer because I have alot to talk about. First of all, thanks for all of you who prayed for Tei to be approved to come to the US. I really did not want to move to Tonga, but I knew I would make that sacrifice if I had to. For those of you who know me real well, I would not do well being away from my family. Which gives me another reason to talk about how grateful I am for my soon to be hubby! He has given up everything to be with me. He left his home, his family, many friends, and awesome calling, and the beautiful beaches!
Tei flew to Fiji June 8th to get ready for his interview with the US Embassy on June 16th. This was quite the vacation for him, I thought he would never leave Fiji. Tei was very excited/nervous for his plane ride. He had never been on a plane before, and flying over the islands is usually pretty bumpy. I think the one thing he was most nervous for was wether there would be food on the flight or not. (He had a cheeseburger so he was a happy boy :) ) When he arrived in Nadi, Fiji, he had to take a bus to Suva. The bus ride was supposed to be about 4-5 hours, and ended up taking 8 hours! When he called to tell me he had arrived, he told me his but hurt really bad, and he did not plan on riding a bus for that long again. While Tei was in Fiji, he went to quite a few movies (they do not have a movie theatre in Tonga) and he ate ALOT! He went to McDonalds for the first time, and he loved it! He stayed with an amazing family that took really good care of him, and helped him out with his papers! I hope to meet them someday to tell them how grateful I am for all of their kindness. So Tei went to his interview on the 16th, and I was so nervous. It was hard for me to sit here many miles away, and have no idea what was going to happen. He went in at about 11am our time, and called me at about 6pm. I was at work already, so I ran out to answer the phone, and he told me he was approved!!! It was one of the happiest moments I have ever had! He told me his interview was really easy, they just asked him how we met and where I work! So needless to say, I worked my butt of to get money together to buy his plane ticket to come here. I wanted for him to be here by the 23rd, since his family reunion started the 24th. I could not have done any of this without my mom.. She helped me so much, and I will forever be grateful for her helping me bring him here! Im also grateful for everything my sisters and also his family has done to help!
We ended up being able to get his ticket for the 23rd. Since Tonga is a day ahead of us, Tei left there tuesday the 23rd, and arrived here tuesday the 23rd. Tei flew to Fiji to connect and was at the airport there for about 11 hours. I felt horrible that he had to do that (but I did it for him so he had to deal with it) , but he was too excited to care. While he was in Fiji, he met a Samoan couple who was just returning from New Zealand, and they gave him some food and money. I wonder if he looked homeless? He then got on the flight about 10pm our time (monday night for us) and headed to LAX. I decided to fly to LAX to meet him Tuesday afternoon. Tei was scheduled to get in at 1pm, so i took an 8am to make sure I would be there when he came. The joys of flying standby. So I ended up sitting in the LAX airport for about 5hours, and it was freezing! When it got closer to Tei arriving, I headed to the International terminal where he would exit from customs. I then called Air Pacific to see what the arrival time was, and his flight was delayed, UGHHHHH!!!! I was not happy! I had to wait another 45mins! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I had not seen Tei for almost 4months! Well eventually he arrived, and i was sooooooooooooo excited! I never have to be away from him again!
When we arrived in SLC, my mom , sister Mindy and my nephew Derek picked us up. My family instantly loved Tei, and they get along great! The first thing Tei wanted to eat when he got here was KFC, but it was too late to get it. My sister made us dinner and Brooke and Eliza came over to meet him. It was so fun to have my family finally meet my amazing man! I took Tei home and he was so excited to see his brother and meet his family! I had a hard time leaving him that night, but I knew I would see him the next day. We headed up to his family reunion on wednesday, and it was funny because we were both nervous to meet everyone. I was so excited for him when we got there, because his family could not wait to meet him! Tei has such an amazing family, and we had a really good time. We ate a TON! I have no idea how im going to fit into my wedding dress if I keep attending all of these functions, but I love tongan food so I will just have to figure something out. LOL. We went boating and swimming, and just had a good time with everyone. I wanted to just write about something way cute the little nieces and nephews said while we were there. I was sitting with the kids letting them bury my feet in the sand, and I was telling them that I was marrying Uncle Tei and the little 3 year old said "EWWWW, getting married is grose!" and another little boy who was about 5 or 6 said "why do people get married?" and his older brother who was about 7 or 8 said "because if you dont get married you will be homeless!" I could not stop laughing and then Tei's cute little niece said " Uncle Tei is marrying Laura and she is going to be our Aunty, and they are going to have babies, and they will be my cousins" It was the cutest thing ever! Im so excited to be marrying into such an amazing family!
Well thats been the big events so far, I will try to update more often so we dont have another huge blog like this one! Im just so excited for all the amazing things that are coming up for me and my soon to be hubby! I love him so much! I hope you can all attend our wedding! There is going to be lots of food, and Polynesian dancers!


  1. Laura, Icould be a dancer...right? I'd rock it man! Did Igive you my address? Are you having a shower? Let me know if you need my address again! Love you babe! I am so excited for you, it really is the best thing ever!

  2. Hey Maren! Yes im having a shower, dont know for sure when the ladies in the ward are doing it, but I am having a friend shower the last wendesday of july! I would love for you to come to both! And yes please do a special dance for us, that would make my day! LOL cant wait to see you!