Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is today over yet?

I know it is only going to get harder with 2, (I guess I should say 4 ) But today has been a nightmare! I just need to vent! Woke up this morning tired, as usual. Hubby has been working alot of hours lateley, dont get me wrong I am so blessed to have such a hardworking husband, and we are so lucky he has such an awesome job, but im just tired! My two little monsters came over about 930 am. And they were yelling so the world could here them and woke up Hakeai. Much to say he was pretty grumpy all morning. I made eggs for Hakeai, Jack and I (Tei doesnt like how I make them), got done eating and then Tei asked where his were? I felt like bursting into tears for being such a horrible wife and not saving any for him. Tei went to lay down with Hakeai since he was being a little beast, and I was just sitting here thinking about my sister which i have been doing alot lateley, Ethan and Jack were wrestling around and I kept telling them to stop because someone was going to get hurt and then of course Jack hit his head on our TV stand. He was hysterical, I burst into tears and have been thinking the rest of today, how am I going to get through days like this? I miss my sister like crazy. It started to get easier, and then I have dreams that she comes back and it ruins me. I sat in Hakeai's room for a good 15 mins and just cried. My hubby came in and held my hand and kept telling me he knows I can do this. The only thing that I felt would help, was to come back and hold my sisters 2 sweet little boys. Ethan came and cuddled up next to me, and Jack laid by me so I could rub his back. What a blessing these boys are to me! I started to feel a little better, then we took hubby to work, stopped at McDonalds to get the boys lunch, and they didnt give us straws! It wouldnt bother me so bad if I wasnt having this kind of day, but im pissed. Well then I get home, Hakeai in one arm, and all the drinks in the other and guess what happens? All the drinks tip over, fall on the ground, Jack cries because he is now wet, which means I cry too. We got inside and I laid with my litle boy trying to get him to sleep again, and I cant help but melt when he stares at me with those big brown eyes. Little moments like that, and cuddles from my nephews remind me even though I am having a bad day, I have 3 little boys that I mean so much to! It doesnt matter that I dont have a clean house all the time, I dont get ready everyday, I am so snippy with them sometimes, they love me unconditonally. My husband as well. Im very blessed but still, I WANT TODAY TO BE OVER! Thanks for letting me vent!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Im on a blogging roll!

As I watch my sweet little boy sleep, I decided I would blog about the last 14 mos we have spent with him. April 17, 2010 was my nephew Jacks birthday. It was a saturday morning, and we had lots of shopping to get done for his birthday party! I had been to the Dr on Weds, and I had my first exam to see how far I was progressing, and suprisingly I was already dialated to a +3 and 70% effaced! I was shocked! I had not had any contractions or pain, but I had been under alot of stress since it had only been a couple weeks since I lost my sister. Saturday afternoon we got back from shopping and I thought maybe my water had broke. It was the exciting big gush I had been hoping for ( I would love for it to break at the grocery store and make a big mess ) but it was enough that I thought maybe we should go get checked. We drove out to IMC around 5pm and I was hoping to make it back to Jacks party, but I didnt know what was going to happen. The nurses came in to do some tests, and One said she thought that my water did break, and the 2nd said she didnt think it had. They decided to take me back for more tests, and it had not broken, but the nurse said if I was far enough along they could break it for me! This freaked me out quite a bit, but I didnt think it was going to happen. Sure enough when they checked me I was already almost at a 5! I had not had any pain at all yet, so I decided just to go ahead and do it. At about 10pm my mom and dad arrived, and since Teis mom was visiting from Tonga, we tried calling her to come to the hospital but we could not get ahold of her. Around 11pm the Dr came in and broke my water and I was at a +6. That was the weirdest feeling ever! The nurse asked me if I was ready for an epidural and I said no because I still had no pain, and she told me the Dr would be going in to do an epidural for a Csection, and if I did not get the epidural right then, it would at least an hour before I could, so I went for it! When the dr came in, I felt my sister there holding my hand and I couldnt hold back the tears. I did not feel anything when they poked me, and then the dr said "ok this is the painful part" so then I got scared and started crying pretty hard and he said "oh im sorry, sorry, your already done!" So then everyone was laughing at me. I felt 1 strong contraction and then I went numb! Maybe thats why I was so quick to be preg again? I never felt any pain! They came and checked me after and I was at a 7 so they told me to rest a while. At about 3 am they came and I was fully dialated, but Hak was still high up in the birth canal so they just told me to go back to sleep. A little before 5am they came in and asked me try pushing. I pushed 1 time and the nurse yelled "ok stop!" She ran and got the Dr, I pushed for about 10 mins and then I met the little man of my life. At 5:10am I met Hakeai Henry Tatafu and I knew my life would never be the same. In the tongan culture, the fathers family names the first born so they decided to name him Hakeai after my husbands older brother. The name has to do with when my husbands ancestors migrated from Tonga to Hawaii. It has to do with the waves coming onto the beach as they arrived. Im glad I made the decision to let them name him, because I know how important it was to my husband to do that. Hakeai Henry Tatafu weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 21 inches long (im glad he was 3 weeks early!) I love this little boy more than I can even say! The next few days in the hospital were a breeze! We had a lot of visitors, the only hard part was when Tei would have to go to work at 6am and not be back till 4pm. Tei was not working steadily at the time, and we needed anything we could get! Everyday that I have spent with my little boy since that most memorable day, has been worth all of the tears, all of the ear infections, the days in the hospital when he had pneumonia, all of the sleepless nights, all of the temper tantrums (those are fairly new) His first bite of baby food, his first day crawling, his first day walking, and they days he spends running a little car across my tummy and his little sister kicks back :) I am so blessed to be this little boys mommy, and I would not change it for the world!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 years and 1 almost 2 babies later!

Ok. So I am obviously the worst blogger ever! But hey, better late than never right? So I will just talk about the big stuff that has happened in the last couple years, so I dont bore anyone, but there is just so much to talk about! I guess I will start with my Birthday July 31 2009. THis was such a special day I have to share about it. That was the day I went through the temple not only with the love of my life, but also my best friend Brooke. What an amazing experience that was! My Mom and my sister Jenny were my escorts, and I will talk more about my time spent with Jen later, but I cant say much about it other than that was a day I will never forget! Aug 7, 2009, we had a wedding dance with Tei's family. This was so much fun! I will never forget all of the fun dances Tei
s cousins performed for us, and also Tei performing a Fijiian number with the little boys. I really do have to most amazing husband ever! The important day was Aug 8, 2009. This was the day I was sealed to my Eternal Husband Heneli Elitei Tatafu. My mom and I woke up early to do my hair that morning, and head to the temple. I of course called to make sure Tei was awake, and good thing I did because he wasnt up yet, then my mom and I drove to the temple. I try to forget about the black cat we almost ran over on the way (bad luck?) But we made it there just in time. I was about in tears though since it was raining, and our reception was outside and we did not have a back up plan, but thank heavens when we got out of the Temple it was sunny :) The sealing was amazing, I just wish that Tei's mom could have been there. The rest of the day was awesome, our reception was amazing, and I would not have changed a thing! Tei and I stayed in Salt Lake at a hotel for the next couple of days, and then we went to Bear Lake for the rest of the week. Not much happened in the following weeks other than getting settled into our new apartment, and also finding out that we were expecting a baby! My due date was May 8 2010. For the next few months, we just had to get past the morning sickness fun, and prepare for this little one. In November, my Grandpa passed away so that is something else that we had to deal with, but I have an amazing Husband that helped me through it! The next few months were all about getting ready for our little boy. Tei and I took a "Babymoon" To Vegas in March, and I think I almost did myself in with all the walking we did, but it was nice to spend some last minute time alone. A few weeks after we got back from Vegas, my sisters had gotten together to plan a baby shower for me. I got a call from my sister Mindy saying that they had just taken my sister Jenny in an ambulance to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, my sister Jenny was on life support but they thought she would be ok. She was in ICU until Sunday, and then they sent her to the psych ward. This is something I have a really hard time talking about, but it helps me to get through it. My sister Mindy and I visited Jenny on the wednesday, and she was doing so good! I had not seen her that rested for a while! Jenny has always fought depression, and it just had gotten to her. They ended up releasing her from the hospital on Saturday. The next day was Easter sunday. We went to my Moms house that night for dinner, and the boys had an easter egg hunt. Jenny didnt seem like she was feeling very well that night, but we didnt really think anything of it and went home for the night. At 2:46am on April 5 2010. And that was the worst phonecall I have ever recieved in my life. It was my little sister Jessica and she said " You need to get over here Jenny is dead" I cant write thiswithout crying. I fell to floor crying and Tei was asking whats wrong, and all I could say was "she's dead! My sister is dead" We drove out to my Moms house, and that was the longest 15mins of my life. When we arrived there were about 5 police cars, a fire truck, an ambulance and the coroner. Worst thing I could have ever seen. When I got inside a bunch of our family members and some friends were standing in our front room, and I collapsed. My old bishop from my moms ward had to help me up, and then we just sat and cried. My brother in laws dad then started giving everyone blessings. I dont remember much else that happened other than when the coroner came up and said they were bringing her body up. We all went in the other room and waited while they brought her up the stairs, then they let us come back in. We came back and saw her for the first time since she had died. It was the most surreal thing I have ever seen. We kept her boys in the other room so they didnt have to see her, but they cried all night for her. Tei and I stayed at my moms for the next week so we could be with my family, and help take care of the funeral arrangements. We were able to go dress her and get her in her temple clothes, and I did her her hair. We had her viewing that Thurs night, and her funeral on friday. It was so amazing to see all of the people who came to support us, and all of those who loved Jenny. She was such an amazing mom and sister and there is not a day that goes by that I dont think about her!
I think that is enough for now, I will blog again later and tell you more about when my little Hakeai came into the world, and what it has been like since he has been here!

Friday, July 10, 2009

WOW Im slow...............................

So sorry I am not very good at this Blog stuff yet, but I would like to thank Lindsey for fixing it up a bit, I figured I would post something just for her :) Your awesome Lindsey, maybe you should start a career in blogging? You will have to teach me more when you come up for the wedding!
So now that I have thanked her, time to update on the wedding stuff! If you have not received an invite to the wedding, no need to panic since we have not sent them out! We will be getting them out next week, so watch for one! If I dont have you address and you would like an invite, email me at lauralynbecker@yahoo.com. We have changed our wedding date to August 8th. I was a little sad, since this is the day I have always wanted to get married, but I had to make some sacrifices. I know it sounds like a weird day to want to get married, the reason why I wanted the 5th is because my Dads parents were married August 3rd, my parents were married August 4th, and I thought I would keep the tradition going. Well Wednesday is a hard day for people to get off work, so luckily when I called the temple last week, they still had a room avaiable for the 8th! Pretty lucky eh? So we will be married 8/8/09 at 8:20am. We are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple, and I could not be happier! Im so lucky I get to spend eternity with the most amazing man! We will be going through the temple July 31st! Happy Birthday to me huh? I sure feel blessed!
Well this post is going to be even longer because I have alot to talk about. First of all, thanks for all of you who prayed for Tei to be approved to come to the US. I really did not want to move to Tonga, but I knew I would make that sacrifice if I had to. For those of you who know me real well, I would not do well being away from my family. Which gives me another reason to talk about how grateful I am for my soon to be hubby! He has given up everything to be with me. He left his home, his family, many friends, and awesome calling, and the beautiful beaches!
Tei flew to Fiji June 8th to get ready for his interview with the US Embassy on June 16th. This was quite the vacation for him, I thought he would never leave Fiji. Tei was very excited/nervous for his plane ride. He had never been on a plane before, and flying over the islands is usually pretty bumpy. I think the one thing he was most nervous for was wether there would be food on the flight or not. (He had a cheeseburger so he was a happy boy :) ) When he arrived in Nadi, Fiji, he had to take a bus to Suva. The bus ride was supposed to be about 4-5 hours, and ended up taking 8 hours! When he called to tell me he had arrived, he told me his but hurt really bad, and he did not plan on riding a bus for that long again. While Tei was in Fiji, he went to quite a few movies (they do not have a movie theatre in Tonga) and he ate ALOT! He went to McDonalds for the first time, and he loved it! He stayed with an amazing family that took really good care of him, and helped him out with his papers! I hope to meet them someday to tell them how grateful I am for all of their kindness. So Tei went to his interview on the 16th, and I was so nervous. It was hard for me to sit here many miles away, and have no idea what was going to happen. He went in at about 11am our time, and called me at about 6pm. I was at work already, so I ran out to answer the phone, and he told me he was approved!!! It was one of the happiest moments I have ever had! He told me his interview was really easy, they just asked him how we met and where I work! So needless to say, I worked my butt of to get money together to buy his plane ticket to come here. I wanted for him to be here by the 23rd, since his family reunion started the 24th. I could not have done any of this without my mom.. She helped me so much, and I will forever be grateful for her helping me bring him here! Im also grateful for everything my sisters and also his family has done to help!
We ended up being able to get his ticket for the 23rd. Since Tonga is a day ahead of us, Tei left there tuesday the 23rd, and arrived here tuesday the 23rd. Tei flew to Fiji to connect and was at the airport there for about 11 hours. I felt horrible that he had to do that (but I did it for him so he had to deal with it) , but he was too excited to care. While he was in Fiji, he met a Samoan couple who was just returning from New Zealand, and they gave him some food and money. I wonder if he looked homeless? He then got on the flight about 10pm our time (monday night for us) and headed to LAX. I decided to fly to LAX to meet him Tuesday afternoon. Tei was scheduled to get in at 1pm, so i took an 8am to make sure I would be there when he came. The joys of flying standby. So I ended up sitting in the LAX airport for about 5hours, and it was freezing! When it got closer to Tei arriving, I headed to the International terminal where he would exit from customs. I then called Air Pacific to see what the arrival time was, and his flight was delayed, UGHHHHH!!!! I was not happy! I had to wait another 45mins! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I had not seen Tei for almost 4months! Well eventually he arrived, and i was sooooooooooooo excited! I never have to be away from him again!
When we arrived in SLC, my mom , sister Mindy and my nephew Derek picked us up. My family instantly loved Tei, and they get along great! The first thing Tei wanted to eat when he got here was KFC, but it was too late to get it. My sister made us dinner and Brooke and Eliza came over to meet him. It was so fun to have my family finally meet my amazing man! I took Tei home and he was so excited to see his brother and meet his family! I had a hard time leaving him that night, but I knew I would see him the next day. We headed up to his family reunion on wednesday, and it was funny because we were both nervous to meet everyone. I was so excited for him when we got there, because his family could not wait to meet him! Tei has such an amazing family, and we had a really good time. We ate a TON! I have no idea how im going to fit into my wedding dress if I keep attending all of these functions, but I love tongan food so I will just have to figure something out. LOL. We went boating and swimming, and just had a good time with everyone. I wanted to just write about something way cute the little nieces and nephews said while we were there. I was sitting with the kids letting them bury my feet in the sand, and I was telling them that I was marrying Uncle Tei and the little 3 year old said "EWWWW, getting married is grose!" and another little boy who was about 5 or 6 said "why do people get married?" and his older brother who was about 7 or 8 said "because if you dont get married you will be homeless!" I could not stop laughing and then Tei's cute little niece said " Uncle Tei is marrying Laura and she is going to be our Aunty, and they are going to have babies, and they will be my cousins" It was the cutest thing ever! Im so excited to be marrying into such an amazing family!
Well thats been the big events so far, I will try to update more often so we dont have another huge blog like this one! Im just so excited for all the amazing things that are coming up for me and my soon to be hubby! I love him so much! I hope you can all attend our wedding! There is going to be lots of food, and Polynesian dancers!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok......SO I did finally create a blog, and I got frustrated because I could not figure out how to do anything, so here I am bored at work, and I figured I would give it another go. So a few updates, Tei has his Visa interview with the Fijiian Consulate on June 16th!!! Im sure most people would not understand what this means, but it is a very big deal! This has been a very stressful and expensive, but it will be all worth it when he gets here! We applied for the Visa in January, and It would have gone a little bit quicker but I forgot to mark the "NO" box for the question asking if I was a felon. I know smart huh? Well long story short, as long has his interview goes well next month, he will be here by the beginning of July! Just in time for our 1 year anniversary! I don't recommend long distance relationships, unless its somebody as great as Tei! I could not have asked for anything better, and I know Heavenly Father made him just for me! I can't wait to be his wife!
So on another note, I am most likely going to have surgery in the next few weeks, and I am getting laid off! How exciting huh? Well I will try to update this more often, and get pics up!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Is Scary!

Well I have officially made our first blog! It will take me a while to figure all of this out, So please be patient with me! I dont have many pictures yet, but we will start with the ones I have! They should be up shortly :)